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Best cannabis cafes and restaurants to visit in the US

Cannabis used for medical purposes is already legal in Canada and more than in half American states. There appear drug stores and online shops promoting gummies, pills, oils, and even dog treats to fight anxiety, insomnia, chronic pains, and more severe diseases. All of them contain cannabidiol widely used in hempworx gummies and other similar products. You can read about some of such shops in lazarus naturals cbd review and elixinol cbd oil reviews to compare and to have a better idea of how it all works. In addition to online stores, there appear cafes and restaurants that offer dishes with a very interesting component.

Top cafes in the US with cannabis cuisine

If the just cbd gummies 1000mg jar is not enough to satisfy your appetite, now you can choose from a range of restaurants opening on the territory of the US. Although the drug has been officially recognized in many states, just a few public places can offer an opportunity to consume it legally, and it is forbidden to use it in public.
The first legal lounge opened in Denver last year and was described as a «Starbucks on steroids.» The entrance is free for non-smokers and a $5 fee for consumers. The café hosts different events and has already become one of the top popular places in the city with a low income, though.
However, this is not the only place to get cannabis:

Club Ned, Colorado

This is another well-known place in Colorado (no surprise, as Washington and Colorado were the first states to support marijuana legalization). The owners struggled with licenses for a while, but now it is an exclusive place for weed smokers only. The idea is to create a small intimate space to spend time alone or with a company of friends and enjoy a few joints without any judgment looks. This is the first cannabis business of that kind opened in Colorado;

The Vapor Spot, California

This one is located in Los Angeles and is quite an interesting place. It is focused on helping customers to give up smoking (while still smoking weed) and switch to different liquids and electronic cigarettes. They also offer to regulate your oxygen level caused by smoking, stress, or fatigue and boost your energy without any caffeine. The place is really popular and also has locations in four other parts of the state;

Barbary Coast Lounge, California

At first, it looks like a hipster bar, but the owners don`t drink gin. Instead, they are vaping, smoking weed, eating muffins containing the drug, and drinking cannabis tea. This is one of a few limited legal public places in the US where customers can consume the drug.
In addition to this list, there are specialized gray-market shops where customers can bring their own substance, relax on couches, have a cup of coffee, and watch TV. However, social opportunities for cannabis use are still limited. The concentration of cafes and restaurants that offer drug-based dishes is now in California, and Los Angeles is at the top. Such states as Oregon, Washington, and also Nevada are already working to correct state laws and allow them to open.
Right now, Massachusetts is partnering with other cities that show interest in creating social consumption places. Many states have problems with new regulations, but as marijuana becomes more socially accepted, consumers will demand more places where they can consume and relax, just like in the case of alcohol.

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