Welcome to Macri's at The Depot in Bloomington, Indiana

Cocktail Mugs


Vodka, Peach Scnhapps, and Triple Sec all beautifully (or dangerously!) combined with cranberry and pink grapefruit juices. A Macri’s Original!

Woo Woo

All you ‘woo woo’ girls and ‘woo woo’ boys, this one’s just for you! A simple yet tasty blend of vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry and a dash of lime.

Margarita "On The Rocks"

Fresh, clean, and the way it’s meant to be: ON THE ROCKS! (Feeling frisky? Ask the bartender to liven it up with a different flavor!)

The Magnum

Enough Said.


What’s it stand for? No one knows, but it sure is amazing and you probably won’t see it anywhere else! An interesting blend of vodka, lime, cranberry, and Red Bull.


E.P.’s long lost cousin. If the original reminds you of summer, autumn comes to mind with this one. Rum, bitters, lime, apple juice, and Red Bull...Delicious!

Sex On The Lake

There’s no real beaches around these parts, but the lake sure is a good time! This Macri’s original combines vodka with raspberry and melon liqueurs and is topped with cranberry and orange juices. Enjoy!


Another one you’ll probably only find here. This intriguing blend of rum, melon, coconut, and banana liqueurs topped with pineapple juice takes your mind to a very relaxing place.

Pants Party?

Yes, and you’re invited! Spiced rum, coke, sprite, and fresh limes left crushed in the glass to get the party started!

B-Town Cooler

A perfect tropical drink for a hot afternoon...or any afternoon really! Vodka, peach schnapps, melon and coconut liqueurs, orange and cranberry juices. The tropics in a glass!

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